Awaiting Mary 2015

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Awaiting Mary 2014

Posted by Padre Eugenio Cavallari on 5 July 2014

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News: New Anthology of St. Augustine

Posted by Padre Eugenio Cavallari on 20 March 2014

Dear friends, we are already approaching the publication of the Systematic Anthology of Augustine. Periodically and in different languages it will inform us about the most important topics of culture, of spirituality, of social life. It is made out of very concise and full of thought texts, which we shall call ‘small diamonds’ and which shall accompany us along our days in order to suggest interior incursions towards other unlimited horizons. It will be a fascinating journey together with Augustine, indefatigable globetrotter of infinity, who, while writing his works, was dreaming like this: ‘Let us walk together on the way of love, tending towards the One of whom it was said: Seek always His face. In this pious and secure determination, I would like to be united with all the readers of my books’ (The Trinity 1, 3, 5). His message is transparent: we cannot any longer consume this existence among illusions and disappointments; it must be safely anchored in the certainty of eternal truth. We have put the list of abbreviations before all the quotations in order to make the first approach to Augustine’s works easier for everyone, since there are more than one hundred of them, which can be consulted through the internet in all major modern languages. Every quotation is numbered and the single entries can be modified by new additions. The aim of our anthology is, in fact, this: to prepare ourselves for a deeper reading of the whole of Augustine’s thought. Good... luck!


Some Muslim universities petition for the translation of Saint Augustine’s writings to Arabic.

Posted by on 30 January 2013

January 2013 - Italy

University professors from Cairo (Egypt), Tunis, Algeria and from other Arab countries, who participated in an international congress on Saint Augustine in Algeria ten years ago, recognized the African Doctor to be part of their patrimony. From that congress began a project which was just launched at the beginning of 2013. It consists of a website in seven languages, and one of which is the Arabic language, with the purpose of making known the spirit and thought of the Bishop of Hippo: