The founder

The Sanctuary, splendid example of faith and history of Genoese art was constructed by the servant of God Fr. Carlo GiacInto Sanguineti, member of the Order of the Discalced Augustinians. Born in Genoa September 5, 1658; he started his religious experience in August 18, 1675; was ordained priest in September 20, 1681; and died in April 23, 1721.Padre Carlo Giacinto The human and spiritual status of the founder occupied a role of primary importance in the civil and religious history of Genoa. He was a man of meek and rigorous temperament, exceptional cultural preparation, an ardent priest and preacher, scholar and writer about Biblical and Marian theology (Mater amabilis, Pratica del vero amante della Gran Madre di Dio, Biblia MariaNA). These were the outstanding works of his life. He had remarkable influence on the ecclesiastical and aristocratic environment, and above all on the humble class of the population. He distinguished himself, together with his confrere and spiritual master Fr. Antero Micone, during the French bombardment by Louis XIV’s navy (May 1684). He lived in the convent of San Nicola until 1696, when the Sanctuary of Madonnetta was inaugurated on the height of Righi: undoubtedly the most important fact of his life. Within 15 months, he was able to construct one of the most beautiful churches in Genoa. Along with the Sanctuary, he also built a convent for religious men; simultaneously he founded a community of the Third Order of the Discalced Augustinians in order to work at the service of the Sanctuary. He died at the Sanctuary and was buried in the chapel of Madonna. On a rough slate tombstone the following inscription was engraved: humilis.