The crib

The real attraction of the Madonetta is the monumental Crib-Scene of the Nativity which consists of a hundred of wooden sculptures wearing costumes of that epoch (17-18 cent), a product of Genoese anonymous artists.

presepe pastori

Only for some pieces could we identify their authors with certainty: Giovanni Battista Gaggini, author of Bissone (The group of the nativity, late 1600), A.M. Maragliano (the poor and other figure of the grotto, 1700), Pedevilla (group of Magi, 1700), De Scopt (the old and the grandchildren, the cow contractor, 1700).

presepe mercato


In 1977, after seven years of work, the crib was organized in permanent mode under the church behind the chapel of the Pietà. It covered the area of 100 sq. meter. At the left side is the court of the Magi (newsboy, soldiers, horses) leading towards the city of Jerusalem and heading towards the grotto of Nativity;presepe magi in the center is the city of Genoa with some monuments like Saint Matthew, the Palace of Doria, the Palace of Saint George, Tower of Embriaci, Port of Siberia and the lighthouse with the ships, Soprana Port and the port of Pila, the quarters of the Madre di Dio street, the port of Sottoripa and the Christmas market, the road to Madonetta and the entrance of the convent) as well as the persons who moved towards the Sanctuary, where the stall of the nativity is set to worship the child Jesus; to the left is a typical genoan farm with stalls and kitchen on the passage way of Val Bisagno covered by snow, with the Saint Agata bridge and Saint Siro of Struppa.presepe pastori2 The project and director of the work was Engr. Ubaldo Comola and the great scenery is conceptualized and realized by Roberto Tagliati, president of Genoan Crib makers, assisted by Elsa Burlando, Augusto Zucconi, Giulio Sommariva, Mauro Malfatto, the coule Damonte and Luigina Dagnino.
    The Sanctuary today is open not only for the genoese devotees but also to all men who are thirsting for God and authentic interiority, the exceptionally rich Marian message makes “Madonnetta” a little Lourdes: the conversion of heart, the renewal of Christian life, the biblical and Marian spirituality, Augustinian studies and inter-religious dialogue. We are waiting for you!